ZiPCOM PC*Phone Hits SOHO CTI Market

Taipei, 05/21/2012

ZiPCOM, a leading supplier of VoIP, Skype, and telecom equipments based on Taiwan, announce today PC*Phone Series products, targeting Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) market for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications. Powered by its leading VoIP Telephony technologies, PC*Phone allows user to use PC headset, for PSTN phone conversation, as well as all other PSTN call processing, an outstanding and unique feature world-wide.

Telephone voice streams are routed to PC from PSTN, enabling a full-duplex on-line conversation using PCˇ¦s headset, or Blue-tooth devices for telephone calls. Moreover, voice recording, monitoring, or other high-end applications can be easily extended with standard Microsoft WAV stream API/SDK.

All PSTN call processing, including on-hook/off-hook, DTMF out dialing, incoming ring, caller ID, etc. are easily done by single mouse clicks. Power calling, call centers, telemarketing applications can be easily extended with user-friendly PC*Phone API/SDK development tool kit. Standard Microsoft TAPI interfaces are supported for legacy usersˇ¦ easy migration, too.

PC*Phone provides a single FxO Interface to PSTN and a USB HID/Audio combo interface to PC. Many PC*Phones can be connected to PC, allowing a wild array of server applications, limited only by the PC computing power.

PC*Phone comes with Home*Phone standard software package for home users. It offers everything one would expect with a second, powerful, and convenient POTS phone, operating from PC, and many more features.

PC*Phone is available for immediate release. OEM/ODM, resellers, and distributors are all welcomed.

About ZiPCOM

ZiPCOM has been specialized in telecommunication technologies for years, including VoIP, Skype, X.25 packet switching, ISDN, industrial controller and industrial automation.. Major products include X.25 PADs, SIP VoIP Gateways, Skype-based USB phones/adapter/gateway and PBX systems. ZiPCOM holds many patents and awards from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, CAA, CSIST, and Chuang-Hwa Telecom, etc. As a strategic partner for many years, ZiPCOM provides NEC with USB Phone Sets, and other VoIP related technologies and products. For details, please visit or write to or Skype to: zipcom-ipex. or write to or to Skype to: zipcom-ipex (the enterprise representative number).