ZiPCOM corporation announce the world's first stand alone WiFi Skype ATA

Taipei, 03/15/2011

The new products of ZiPCOM, SkyATA, combine WiFi router with Skype Gateway, can be connected to general home phone or wireless phone. SkyATA offers a variety of management tools, which can be set by the network easily, it goes without using PC. Everyone can call and receive Skype or Skype Out freely. People can achieve the purpose of cost savings without replacing the phone in family. Through the phonebook and speed dial code feature, you do not have to change the telephone dial-up and remember phone number. Reserved regular telephone Call Hold, Re-Call, Call Return, hands-free features, there functions are easy to use for both children and senior citizens. When you get incoming call from new friends, you can use the intelligent coding system to add them to your phonebook automatically. SkyATA provides not only Stability, Reliability, Power Saving of Skype VOIP phone, but also provides wireless Internet service (WiFi 54 Mbps) as well. You can enjoy the Internet anytime or anywhere by using mobile phones or other network Device when you stay at home.

About ZiPCOM

ZiPCOM has been specialized in telecommunication technologies for years, including packet switching, ISDN, industrial controller, industrial automation, VoIP and enterprise Skype gateways. Major products include X.25 PADs, ISDN phones, Satellite Signal Processor, Skype-based USB phones/adapter/gateway and PBX systems. ZiPCOM holds many patents, and has been awarded of many projects from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, CAA, and Chuang-Hwa Telecom, etc. ZiPCOM has been on NECíŽs strategic partner list for many years, providing NEC with USB Phone Sets, and other VoIP related products. Deloitte, PWC, UMC, Arima, Formosa Petroleum, and Siemens, are among the partial customer list. For details, visit or write to or to Skype to: zipcom-ipex (the enterprise representative number).