Civil Aeronautics Administration Awards Radar Project to ZiPCOM

Taipei, 05/13/2008

Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) has awarded its Radar Signal Conversion Project (ASR-23SS-16) to ZiPCOM Corporation, a research and development oriented organization focusing on telecommunication, Industrial Control and VoIP. ZiPCOM, with its rich experiences in X.25 Packet Switching, TCP/IP, Satellite Communications, Skype, and other telecommunication technologies, is outstanding from the fierce competitions among many well-known domestic and international competitors.

CAA requires the system to convert ASTERIX signals received from RADAR to 128 bits and CT2 formats for military, weather forecast, as well as flight surveillances. Signals are input from one synchronous RS422 source and output to multiple synchronous RS232 destinations. The converted dynamic data will be provided to en route and terminal Air Traffic Control Automation System, or shows on the radar monitor for traffic controller to implement the administer service.

Since ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization) approved R.O.C. (Taiwan) to establish the Taipei Flight Information Region, this makes Taiwan becomes an international commercial aviation important link of the Southeast Asia and the Pacific section. In order to enhance the quality of flight services and flight safety, CAA has established various modern navigation facilities after continuously progressive improvement and upgrade. Further more, CAA manages to carry on the renewal plan of the flight path, terminal radar equipments, and air traffic controller system.
The project of the Radar Signal Conversion Assembly is a system that converts, filters, and reformats the received RadaríŽs signal and transfers to provide for en route and terminal Air Traffic Control Automation System.

Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS), the one branch of the CAA, is responsible for, in accordance with rules of ICAO and international standards, offering all of the integrated security services related to air navigation information, air navigation control, air navigation weather, aviation telecommunication, and terrestrial navigation facility to domestic and foreign military/ civil aerocrafts inside Taipei FIR so the aviation security and ease of the air transportation can be ensured. For more information, please refer to

ZiPCOM has been specialized in telecommunication technologies for years, including packet switching, ISDN, industrial controller, industrial automation, VoIP and enterprise Skype gateways. Major products include X.25 PADs, ISDN phones, Satellite Signal Processor, Skype-based USB phones/adapter/gateway and PBX systems. ZiPCOM holds many patents, and has been awarded of many projects from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, CAA, and Chuang-Hwa Telecom, etc. ZiPCOM has been on NECíŽs strategic partner list for many years, providing NEC with USB Phone Sets, and other VoIP related products. Deloitte, PWC, UMC, Arima, Formosa Petroleum, and Siemens, are among the partial customer list. For details, visit or write to or to Skype to: zipcom-ipex (the enterprise representative number).