X.25 Mini PAD

  • Support支援OS  : Linux,Windows 9x,Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows 7
  • Framing : LAP-B / HDLC / SDLC / NRZL / NRZI / FM0/FM
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產品概觀 :

ZIPCOM Single-Port X.25 Synchronous PCI Card is truly a perfect solution for complex and
versatile high-performance synchronous communication applications for X.25 protocol. You simply
need to make use of ZIPCOM's Alex API functions to develop your own applications to meet your
business requires.
An onboard CPU, combined with memory, effectively reduces the burden of the server CPU,
bringing overall performance up to 64Kbps on port.
The Alex library provides complete HDLC/SDLC/LAP-B X.25 layer 2 data communications
control conforming to CCITT, ITU, including frame formatting, bit stuffing, and error detection. The
library also provides complete X.25 protocol layer 3 communications control conforming to CCITT,
ITU, including package formatting, control, configuration and on-line trace ; and provides the demo
source code for programmer to implement his/her applications to the business needs. The
programmers easily implement their application codes by using C/C++, Delphi and BCB Borland

C++ Builder to invoke the synchronous Application Program Interface (API).


  • International Standard Conformance: fully CCITT X.25 protocol support
  • High Speed: baud rate up to 64Kbps
  • RS-232 interface ( RS-422 Optional)
  • C/C++, Delphi and BCB programming library for X.25 protocol communication
  • Extended Management Functions, as following
    • X.25 Link/Packet Protocol On-Line Trace
    • X.25 Protocol Trace Log
    • Port Status Monitoring
    • X.25 Link/Packet Statistics
    • Port State Contro

技術規格 :

CPU AMD 80188
USART Zilog Serial Communication Controller
Input/output Interface
PC bus PCI  2.2 Bus
No. of Ports One sync ports
Sync Interface RS232(25Pin)( RS-422 Optional)
Speed 64Kbps
Link Level
Addressing DTE or DCE
Numbering Modulo 8 or Modulo 128
Packet Level
Service PVC and/or SVC
Window Size 1 to 127
Q/D/M Bits Supported
Logical Channel Number Support 128(Default)
ITU-T X.25 Fully Support
On-line Trace Supported
OS Support Linux,Windows 9x,Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows 7
Temperature 0 - 55 ℃
Dimensions 150 mm x 100 mm (W x D)


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