• Plug-and-play Skype PBX server
  • Full features of SkyPBX
  • With rack-mount server and doing without external PC
  • SkyLYNX Inside
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Using their existing desktop PBX phones, corporate users are able to connect to the world-wide Skype community with the innovative SkyPBX offered by ZiPCOM Corporation, a leading VoIP solution provider based in Taiwan. By integrating multiple Skype channels with corporate PBX system, SkyPBX allows corporate users to dial out and to receive Skype/SkypeIn/SkypeOut calls using their existing desktop PBX phones in the same way as using the regular PBX/PSTN phone calls. Advanced telephony features such as IVR, three-way conferencing, call recording/monitoring, call forwarding, and call transfer, etc., are available with PBX system to the are also incorporated automatically Skype services.

SkyPBX is ideal for internal communication among branch offices as well as connecting to world-wide Skype users. With SkyBook, the extended Skype phone book software, SkyPBX is able to address world-wide community with a single step calling sequence. SkyPBX is administrated centrally and the corporate users do not use PCs for VoIP calls. Consequently, the corporate security concerns about using most IM software, including Skype, are minimized or avoided completely.


Feature List

  • Seamless integration of Skype services into existing corporate PBX systems, using existing office telephones to send and to receive Skype calls。
  • Absolutely free Skype-to-Skype calls from/to PBX phones。
  • Multiple lines to PBX systems for simultaneous Skype calls。
  • A single corporate Skype account as a hunt group with automatic call distribution of incoming Skype calls。
  • Unrestricted extendable Skype accounts in hunt group。
  • SkyBook, a smart phone book, with extended 4-14 digit speed-dial codes to address worldwide Skype accounts。
  • Convenient SkypeOut calls directly from PBX phones。
  • Smart SkypeOut dial plan, the same as regular PSTN dialing。
  • Advanced telephony features for Skype on PBX systems, including IVR, call recording/monitoring, conferences calls, call transfers and call forwarding。
  • Skype server management system:
    • Line status monitoring
    • Call Detailed Record (CDR) management
    • Traffic Statistics for network planning
    • Event management
    • Phonebook central management
    • SkypeOut central management
  • Trustable security: SkyPBX are controlled centrally without any PC used on user side;
  • Stackable and extendable to a virtually unlimited number of ports
  • With rack-mount server and doing without external PC


Technical Specification

  • IP management: DHCP/Static IP
  • Firewall/NAT penetration: Skype P2P protocol
  • Phone Ports: 4 RJ-11 FXS ports to analog phones or PBX
  • Line Port: optional 4RJ-11 FXO port to PSTN Central Office
  • Green/Red LED indicators for line status
  • Ring voltage: ITUT standard 60 75 Volts and ring cadence
  • Dial tone: supported
  • DTMF tone: auto detection and generation
  • Administration: console or remote management via VNC
  • One RJ-45 10/100 Fast Ethernet (LAN)
  • Dimension: 429㎜*371㎜*43㎜ 19 inch 1U Rack-mount industry chassis
  • Power Input : AC 100~230V.3A
  • Weight : 6.2 ㎏
  • Temperature : 0℃ to 65℃ ( Operating ) , -20℃ to 75℃ (Storing)
  • Humidity : 95﹪Non-Condensing


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