Smart HomeX-101

Landline Calls with SmartPhones

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Smart HomeX, an Internet of Thing (IoT) device to bridge landlines (or PSTN) and smart cell phones, replacing traditional corded or cordless phones. Smart HomeX, an innovative product based on VoIP technologies, works as a gateway (bridge), enabling landline calls to be received and to be issued from cell phones, such as iPhone, iPAD, Android phone and pad. More importantly, internet-connected Cell phones, can make and receive landline calls, at cheaper local rate or even free-of-charge. Smart HomeX is an ideal IoT gateway for smart homes (e-Homes).

Existing contact list in the Cell phones and call-log can be used conveniently for dialing out from landline (PSTN) and with valid landline caller ID, which can be used directly for call-back. This is a sharp difference from SkypeOut or other VoIP off-net services, via which the callee can neither know the real caller ID, nor return calls.

Incoming landline Caller IDs are notified immediately to internet-connected Cell phones, anywhere in the world. Moreover, the missed incoming calls can be forwarded to Cell phones via internet at no additional landline or cell phone charge. Cell phones can also call home for free via the optional FxS port, connecting to (corded or cordless) phones.

Smart HomeX is an embedded device, providing one RJ11 port to landline (PSTN), one RJ45 and an WiFi connection to internet AP Router. It offers “plug-and-play” registration to cloud-based services with the one-touch secure pairing button. Its voice is NAT-friendly in that it does not require a public IP via PPoE or the tedious hole-punching for NAT traversal.

Smart HomeX delivers crystal-clear, full-duplex and echo-free voice quality, thanks to the leading VoIP technologies.

Smart HomeX features can be available as a USB adapter to be integrated into NAS, Media Server, Set-top Box, Home Server, and WiFi AP Router. OEM/ODM and other partnerships are all welcomed. As an IoT device, Smart HomeX also collects vital call history which may be valuable for Big Data Analytics.


Feature List

  • A complete replacement of or supplement to home DECT cordless phone, with the convenient, private, personalized, and virtually-free SmartPhone at hand.
  • Same familiar landline phone operations - Incoming landline calls ring all SmartPhones simultaneously, and any can pick up the landline calls, or to barge-in for conference.
  • Clarity of landline - The leading VoIP technology offers a crystal-clear, echo-free, full-duplex, and static-free voice quality for SmartPhone calls.
  • Mobile Calls at landline rate - make SmartPhone calls over the landline at local rate, saving cellular plan minutes and with landline caller ID.
  • SmartPhone Contacts for landline calls – The SmartPhone contact list can be used to make calls over the landline.
  • Landline Incoming Caller IDs available to SmartPhone – Incoming call notifications are pushed to SmartPhone via internet.
  • Follow-me feature for free - missed incoming landline calls can be transferred to designated SmartPhone via internet at no additional cell phone connection charge.
  • All major smart devices are supported, including iPhone, iPAD, Android phones and pads.
  • Firewall friendly - no need for additional configuration to punch-holes through NATs.
  • Standard corded or cordless phones can operate simultaneously with SmartPhones.
  • One-touch installation - Easy, user-friendly and secure configuration

Technical Specification

Hardware Interface
  • One RJ11 port for analog line interface
  • LED status indicators for power, and internet connection
  • Connector for DC power
  • One RJ45 port for internet Interface
  • Push button for reset to factory default

System Requirements
  • Internet connection to AP Router
  • Smart devices including, iPhone, iPAD, and Android phones or pads
  • Landline connection to Central Office
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃to 55℃
  • Dimension: L 185mm *W 111mm *H 26 mm
  • Humidity:0%to 55%
  • Power:DC 12V 0.5A

Application Graph

Ordering Information

  • HomeX-101: basic unit with one RJ11 landline port, one parallel phone port, and one RJ45 port